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Leafgel Non-Wipe Fixing Gels 

  1. can adhere to charms, small studs, or beads to the nails.
  2. can work with any mirror/chrome powders
  3. can add thickness for strength/arch support
  4. can be used as mixing gel for colors/glitters

Look for the light pink bow for regular text and dark pink bow for the hard textured fixing gel.

■ Regular Texture (Light Pink Bow)
Has a thinner viscosity so it spreads well and is suitable for embedded designs. Also attaching shells, small crystals, etc.

■ Hard Texture (Dark Pink Bow)
This has a much thicker viscosity and highly recommended for fixing large stones/parts. This gel is also great for abstract 3d art like dry brush mark designs!


Size: 4g

Curing time:

  • UV: 2 min curing
  • LED: 1 min curing